DOST to use IBM Blue Gene supercomputer for R&D projects (PIA)

QUEZON CITY, May 17 (PIA)–The Philippines will use the world-renowned IBM Blue Gene supercomputer for the country’s priority research & development (R&D) projects on reducing poverty, improving government processes and tools and enabling smarter weather management.

In a statement, the Department of Science & Technology (DOST) said the soon-to-arrive supercomputer will provide high performance computing capabilities to help develop practical solutions to address the country’s basic problems. This will be a milestone among government-private-academe endeavors.

The IBM Blue Gene supercomputer is set to be the platform for select R&D projects that are aligned with the country’s strategic growth initiative to advance poverty alleviation; transparency in the government; rapid, inclusive and sustained economic growth; peace and order and environment and climate change mitigation.

One of the priority projects to use the IBM Blu Gene supercomputer is the DOST’s Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards or Project NOAH, the government’s flagship program and integrated information system for disaster mitigation and climate change.

The IBM supercomputer will enable local scientists to process and gain insights from the massive data collected, to produce faster, more accurate forecasts and improve localized weather prediction for the country.

DOST Secretary Mario Montejo said that the country will benefit greatly once this project is completed, as citizens and various government agencies can better prepare and plan on what to do and what emergency response programs to activate, if and when a weather-related disaster occurs.

“We will work toward Blue Gene’s integration to Project NOAH to provide more advanced seven-day local weather forecasts. We can also use it to run various weather models and validate the accuracy of results almost real-tim,” Montejo said.

According to Montejo, the use of Blu Gene supercomputer is a direct result from the agreement between the DOST and IBM in May 2012, to jointly build a Philippine Systems and Technology R&D Lab to help accelerate national economic growth.

“Smart Agriculture, the newest flagship program of the DOST, will also gain from our newest supercomputing capability in modeling climate change scenarios, building database for agricultural land use, and computing for monthly irrigation requirements per province,” Montejo added.

Other DOST possible projects to be aided by the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer include flood management and genomics. (DOST/RJB/SDL/PIA-NCR)

This article was originally published in the Philippine Information Agency website on May 17, 2013

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