First Hackathon for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management held in Manila

Science and Technology has always played a vital role in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) worldwide. Recognizing the threats of extreme weather disturbances and hazards, Philippines kicked off their first hackaton event in their office at Ecotower, Fort Bonifacio Taguig last July.

Hackzilla in Manila is an innovative inter-collegiate competition for young and talented developers. This event highlights the developer talent in the Philippines.

Hackzilla in Manila by 1

Photo from | Participants getting ready for their presentations during the competiton

For the first installment of the competition, participants were tasked to design and develop web and mobile applications to come up with the best solutions that can help assess the impacts of hazards, which involve the mitigation of disasters to save lives.

A representative from DOST- Project NOAH, along with other private agencies involved in DRRM, was invited to participate as a judge in the competition. Twelve teams from different state universities and colleges in the country exhibited and presented their technology and innovations.

Judges from different agencies.

Judges from different agencies.

Applications like calamity awareness through location monitoring involving crowdsourced reporting were showcased. Some even developed software that sought to inform and mobilize the public to respond before, during, and after disasters. Standalone devices that can be installed in remote areas, text messaging applications, reporting real-time events, and location monitoring were designed and developed. The participants indeed created technologies that catalyze effective measures in mitigating disasters.

Three teams emerged victorious in the two-day competition.

The hackers were considerate in embracing the technologies currently being utilized by Project NOAH. Team Fortify from University of the Philippines-Diliman garnered first place. They stated that they share the common goal with Project NOAH – that is, mobilizing the people in the community in averting disasters.

Team Fortify from University of the Philippines Diliman receive their award as the first runner up

Team Fortify from the University of the Philippines received their award

“This is a very good opportunity to work with Project NOAH. [Our] application needs more data and we need to integrate more information. This is a great avenue to showcase our talent and passion in coding, and at the same time we are helping other people,” the members of team Fortify said.

Just like Project NOAH, these young minds believe that reducing exposure to hazards entails informed decisions that can substantially be obtained through proper information dissemination and use of technology.

Let us work hand in hand in averting disasters through science and technology! Visit our website at for more details!

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