List of localities: Tropical Depression Domeng highest predicted storm surge


The list of localities with highest predicted storm surge has been removed. As of 5:00AM 10 April 2014, Tropical Depression Domeng has weakened to a low pressure area (LPA) according to PAGASA.

There will be no further updates unless the LPA intensifies.

How to interpret the data

A storm surge is an abnormal rise of water generated by a storm over and above the tide level (NOAA). The surge height refers to the height of water above the sea level at the time of the storm surge peak. The resulting flood inundation will depend on several factors such as tide level (i.e. high tide or low tide), slope of coastline and height of the storm surge. Yolanda storm surges were as high as 5-6 meters (16-19 feet). Small storm surges about 1-2 feet high which occur at high tide, normally do not inundate coastal areas but can still pose danger to people swimming and playing along the coast because on top of the storm surges could be strong waves.

Figure 1. Anatomy of a storm surge with respect to the tide level and ocean waves. (Source: NOAA)

Figure 1. Anatomy of a storm surge with respect to the tide level and ocean waves. (Source: NOAA)


  1. May I suggest you post the list as text instead of image so it’s easy to search.

  2. Project NOAH has provided enough lead time for people in the pre-identified coastal areas to move to safer and higher grounds soonest and not wait for the last hour to evacuate. Since the generated list comes out of predictive modeling, all those who had life-threatening experiences spawned by Super Typhoon Yolanda should likewise take heed of the warning. To emphasize the degree of danger associated with storm surges, a change in semantics might foster immediate responses – by calling those storm surges as tsunami-like waves instead. Someone from Project Noah should initiate contacts with the broadcast media to drum up the need to disseminate the information about the list of localities likely to be hit by Tropical Storm Domeng before the blame game starts all over again.

    • Hi Ric,

      Thank you for the support. Our Executive Director, Dr. Mahar Lagmay, has a show in DZMM every Sunday 10:00-11:00 am called R.E.D. Alert (Readiness in Emergencies and Disasters). We hope that through this show (among others), we can bridge the gap between science and how to communicate it properly.

  3. salamat po sa impormasyon! sana naman po maghanda na ang local governments at mga tao sa mga maaring maapektuhan na mga lugar

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  5. This website is great and is very helpful. Good job to the DOST. As a public servant this website is a big help. You don’t need to reach for a phone and bother PAGASA every now and then. However, just a suggestion – Almost everyone in our country use social media. Social media is a hit because of its simplicity. Keep this window in the website for technical users (i.e. government practitioners etc) but create a window where the general community can connect and maybe interact. Besides social media can likewise help in the reporting of incidents (i.e photos of flooding incident near your monitoring stations, which you could filter/evaluate and maybe even use) But overall great job!

  6. Why Vito, Barili, Cebu has surge? It’s not along the shoreline…

  7. Please check in your list i am a resident from Ronda Cebu and found out in your release list that CANSAYAHON RONDA CEBU is included in your list warning in storm surge, this is not a coastal Barangay why it happened included in your list in storm surge? Tanks.

  8. Thank you for giving us update on the situation of any weather forecast. Job well done by the DOST.

  9. greatchan rylle flotena

    salamat sa impormasyon nga inyong gihatag! manghinaut lng ko ug mahitabo man galing! na wa nay mga pobre nga magbubuhis nga mabiktima louy kaayu palandungon ang ilang pag antos sa kauhaw ug kagutom, kn mahimu kadtu nalang mga nabulahan sa pagpangawkaw sa buhis, sila nalang unta, sila nalang

  10. I just hope that the evacuation center won’t be reached and affected by the water caused by this storm surge tide as what happened in the Yolanda affected areas.

  11. sana magkaroon ng Force evacuation sa mga lugar na apektado bago mapahamak ang maraming mamamayan

  12. Thank you, Mr. Sy, for the update and advisory. Your great concern is highly appreciated.

  13. Joseph De Dios sr

    Salamat po pag Asa at Noah.dost. gov …

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