List of municipalities expected to be affected by 60-100 mm 3-hour accumulated rainfall

Posted on November 6, 2013, 8:00 PM

Last updated on November 7, 2013, 2:00 AM

Yolanda Rainfall_revised
Analysis derived from UK Meteorological Office’s Predicted Typhoon Track


Total of 539 municipalities

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  1. Wala na man. Paki ayos po.

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    • check municipalities ba kamo lokohan ba to mga taranatado maging responsible naman sano kayo

      • boss, d perpekto mga tao sa pag-asa… konting hinay sa pagsasalita.. parang sobrang galing at perpekto mong tao!!! malaki hirap tinitiis nila pra sa bayan.

      • tama yung nakita mo chick mo lang yung gusto mong makita, municipalities sa right side HB ka agad, naka defualt lang yung provence….

      • Let’s be civilized and responsible in our comments. Sometimes technology is also unreliable….buti nga may nagmamalasakit pa mag inform sa atin. Ikaw parag kaya mo ba yung ginagawa nila?

  2. It says

    [table “” not found /]

  3. We are currently updating the list. We apologize for the inconvenience. It will be up in a while.

  4. We are anonymous we are legion we don’t forhet expect us

  5. Para lang magclik hahah

  6. where’s the list?

  7. there’s no list appear……..

  8. Binagyo na kagad yung Table?

  9. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  10. GuysPleaseBePatient

    Guys antay tayo sa update. Please be patient, It’s good we are informed and sana naman wag sirain ng kung sino sino. People wwho experience TRAUMA dahil sa Bagyo need this. Let us Wait for the update .

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  12. Saan po ba yong water aklan?

  13. Mag aral din ng patience pag may time. Thank You 😀

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  15. … Try clicking on List of Municipalities to be affected by 40-60 mm 3-hour accumulated rainfall under related post. Maybe it will help. It does for me.

  16. If you guys want to see the table for 60-100mm, just go to the homepage. The table is there around the lower left side of the page.

  17. click the list of municipalities above.

  18. Mag thank you nman dyan yung mainitin yung ulo…kaya binabagyo eh…salamat pag asa..

  19. maraming salamat PAGASA.

    masyadong mainit ang ulo ng mga tao, nasa gilid kasi, may “click here” … galit agad-agad?!?!? chill lang!

  20. Bakit d nyo makita mantalang saken mobile lang gmit ko pero malinaw ang pagkaka update..

  21. thanks for the warning

  22. How do 60-100mm or rainfall and 40-60mm rainfall within a 3-hour period translate to. We need layman’s comparisons with previous storms. Will Yolanda cause as much flooding as Ondoy? All we can suspect is that 60-100mm must be a lot, but how much is a lot, what kind of flooding will this cause?

    Thank you for your good work Project Noah. Despite the little quirks, you’ve come a long way. Congratulations.

  23. kairita ang mga nag rereklamo ha.. kala mo naman may ginagawa at least ang pag-asa meron..linisin mo bakyran mo ng wag kang bahahin.. action action din di yung puro negative.. kairita lang bat di na lang magtanong ng maayos ..may sasabihin pang negative..malamang negative din buhay mo!!!

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  25. saan ba mga lugar nyo dadaanan ko lahat yan…..puro kayo reklamo.

  26. Instead of complaining that the list was not previously provided to this post, be thankful that now we have these pieces of information to guide us on what to do and what to expect. Masyadong unreasonably critical ang ilan sa mga kababayan natin, gayong meron namang map para makita kung sakop ng impact ng bagyo ang places of their interest. Slowly but surely progressing in efforts in mapping threats and risks. Someday soon all the weather updating and information dissemination system will be fine-tuned.

  27. hindi na po ba ito ma uupdate pa ulit?

  28. Thanks you Lord, we are safe now. How I wish no casualties will be reported today! Thanks for this update also!

  29. Anybody knows how my town (Ajuy Central Subdivision) was affected? I still have no contact!

  30. mag ask lang po sana me about s typhone yoland, .. my kamag anak po kase me s lugar n tanauan santo nino leyte, naapektuhan po b cla…………….salamat po

  31. Please po update from baybay city leyte, till now we don’t have updates, we have no idea if they are okay or they are people who died. because we dont have updates from baybay city leyte.. please update we have family living there.

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