NOAH website adds new Rain Probability feature

With just a word, you will know if you’ll be out in the sun or in with the rain today.

A new Rain Probability feature in the NOAH website uses “Low,” Medium,” and “High” level to succinctly inform users on the chances of rain in their area within four hours.

This simple, yet descriptive and accurate information on the percent chance of rain was made through Climate X, one of the project components of the NOAH Program. Climate X uses Doppler radar data to provide information on the probability of rain in specific areas all over the country.


 To know the probability of rain in your area, go to and click on the Weather Outlook drop down menu on the top of the website.

Next, click the Rain Probability and icons pertaining to the day’s weather will appear. Choose your preferred location and click on the icon nearest it.

A table showing the Rainfall Probability in low, medium, and high levels, along with the specific date within four hours and the percent chance of rain will appear.

“Low” signifies 0-25% to 25-50% chance of rain, “medium” means 50-75% chance of rain, and “high” means 75-100% chance of rain.

Now, it’s easier for you to interpret and remember the probability of rain in your area, and you’ll be prepared, informed, and good to go.

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