NOAH website debuts Tide Level feature

This time, the beach tides during a much needed summer getaway won’t disappoint you. 

A new feature on the Project NOAH website lets you check the latest information on tide levels, all in one click. About 300 coastal sites are projected in the website, which provides the public with information on the tide levels in the Philippines for the next 24 hours.

The new feature debuted in the website on April, and seeks to guide beach goers in scheduling their summer beach frolics.

Most importantly, the accessibility of information on tide levels will enable the public, specially the vulnerable communities in coastal areas, to assess and prepare for disasters specially on storm surges and floods.

In the website, click the “Weather Stations” menu. Once the drop-down menu will appear, click on the “Tide Gauges” and yellow pins will appear on the map.  

image 3

Choose your preferred location and click on the yellow pin icon nearest to it.

image 4

Once you click the yellow pin, information on the trend of tide level for the day and hour-specific data, will appear.

image 5

The Project NOAH website also features near real-time weather information such as rain probability, temperature and rainfall contours, and typhoon tracks.

For smart phone users, you can also check the Project NOAH mobile application for Android. The mobile app also provides the same weather and disaster information including the Tide Level info, as the website.

Android users can also download the Arko app, which features historical and projected flood maps,and Flood Net, a location-specific app that let’s a user report flood incidents in their area.

The Project NOAH mobile app is also available for iOs users.

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