Project NOAH Executive Director Dr. Alfredo Mahar Lagmay awarded 2014 WikiPinoy of the Year

Project NOAH Executive Director Dr. Alfredo Mahar Lagmay was awarded with the 2014 WikiPinoy of the Year for his notable leadership in “empowering the public with open information and insight into the significant issues affecting the country today.” The award is presented by, the  Philippines’ premier online encyclopedia.


The WikiPinoy of the Year nominees were chosen by the editorial board and staff of WikiPilipinas. The winner was chosen by the readers and contributing volunteers of WikiPilipinas.

Dr. Lagmay, who is also faculty at the National Institute of Geological Sciences at the University of the Philippines, Diliman heads Project NOAH, the country’s leading disaster prevention and mitigation program. Created under the auspices of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in 2012, it has been working to improve the government’s capacity to prepare against the impacts of extreme weather disturbances on lives of the Filipino people. Since its existence it has  undertaken advanced disaster science research, comprehensive and multidisciplinary assessment of hazards while also developing accessible tools that enable local government units, community leaders, policy makers, planners, families, and individuals to prevent and mitigate disasters.

Dr. Lagmay shared the award with the steadfast team composing the rest of DOST–Project NOAH, who have labored to bring the best science in the forefront of battle against disasters. He said that being chosen as WikiPinoy of the Year inspires him and his team to do better.

In a speech he delivered upon accepting the award he said, “WikiPinoy helps foster a culture of knowledge sharing, for the benefit of many. This matters most to disaster-prone countries like ours, where access to critical information empowers people to prepare against hazards. It matters most to our nation where information can be used in infinite ways to help fellow Filipinos.”

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