Project NOAH, Finalist in International USAID Resilience Competition

DOST-Project NOAH is one of the five finalists vying for the Harnessing Data for Resilience Competition sponsored by USAID.

It competed with over 70 international organizations to join the two-day Harnessing the Data Revolution for Resilience Summit in Bangkok, Thailand on May 10th and 11th, 2016. The summit will bring together hundreds of experts to discuss harnessing the power of digital data to transform the design, implementation, and monitoring of international development programs to support resilience capacities at various scales. It is sponsored by USAID/RDMA and FHI 360 (through the mSTAR project).

During the Summit, each of the finalists will make a pitch to the audience about their product/service/project and why it is an impactful example of using data to enhance resilience. The audience will then have an opportunity to ask questions and vote on their favorite. The pitch with the most votes will be declared the winner of the category.

Project NOAH empowers Filipinos with information such as near real-time weather data and high-resolution flood, landslide and storm surge hazard maps. These are accessible through online platforms, mobile devices (Arko mobile application) and social media (Project NOAH Facebook account).

The Project NOAH application is available on web and mobile for easier access to weather and hazard information.

Project NOAH ensures that data and information is open to everybody, anytime, anywhere. Accessibility allows communities to make good decisions against natural hazard impacts. To save lives, near real-time weather data are used to inform people of imminent hazards, whereas hazard maps are used for appropriate action when a warning is raised and for disaster resilient and well-planned development.

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