19 October 2016, 2 pm Supertyphoon Lawin (Haima) Storm Surge Advisory


19 Oct 2016, 2:00 PM PST

By DOST Project NOAH

NOAH Storm Surge Simulation for 19 October 2016, 2 pm

Legend on the right shows height of storm surges in centimeters (cm).

Storm Surge Infograph

2 pm, 19 October 2016 simulation run of DOST Project NOAH.

Click on the links for the corresponding hazard map.

Station Name Storm surge (m) SSA
Maconacon,  Isabela 2.1 1
Divilacan, Isabela 2.1 1
Ilagan, Isabela 2 1
Palanan, Isabela 2 1
Buguey, Cagayan 2 1
Aparri, Cagayan 2 1
San Pablo, Isabela 2 1
San Mariano, Isabela 2 1
Sta. Ana, Cagayan 2 1
Baggao, Cagayan 2 1
Lal-lo, Cagayan 2 1
Gattaran, Cagayan 2 1

Note: Those living within the vicinity of the areas identified in this list should also take precautionary measures against possible storm surges.

You may also refer to PAGASA’s weather bulletin for other areas that may experience storm surges.

Storm surge advisory maps can be viewed in the Project NOAH website: http://noah.dost.gov.ph

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