TEAM48 teams up with Project NOAH for a more sustainable information flow

With its aim of establishing a network of skilled rapid response and assessment volunteers in mobilizing disaster preparedness efforts, TEAM48 partnered with Project NOAH to better realize this vision of contributing their resources in mitigating the effects of disasters.


TEAM48 is a part of the civil society sector that aspires to facilitate the flow of relevant hazard information from Project NOAH to the affected communities in a targeted manner. The group will act as an information and telecommunication bridge in case there is a disruption of communication lines before, during, and after a catastrophe.

“We see that Project NOAH is taking and providing information and leveraging it to maximum use especially when it comes to climate-related disasters. Technology is very crucial in the prediction [of weather] and Project NOAH is great at democratizing this information which TEAM 48 wants to achieve,” stated TEAM48 President Mark Dia.

He added that their organization wants to disseminate the right information to the right person at the right time. TEAM48 will act as a conduit of information about what is happening on the ground in case there is a category 4 or 5 typhoon entering the Philippine Area of Responsibility.

With the help of Project NOAH tools that can predict the occurrence of a hazard in an area, TEAM48 will be deploying their members and volunteers two days before the storm’s landfall to areas identified as exposed to the impending threat of a disaster-causing hazard.

The partnership opens doors for more feasible and constant communication to bridge the perennial dilemma of real-time dissemination of information from Project NOAH to affected individuals.

TEAM48 is a Philippine based network of skilled rapid response volunteers who are deployed to typhoon-affected areas prior to impact of an extreme weather event. Visit their website at and their Facebook account at:



Project NOAH is the Department of Science and Technology’s response to the directive of President Aquino to put a responsive disaster prevention and mitigation program in place. Let us work hand in hand in averting disasters! Visit for more information.

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