UP RI, NOAH Center in KULÊ’s November 21 Issue

In its issue published and distributed on November 21, KULÊ or the Philippine Collegian — the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Diliman — wrote an article about the scope and limitations probing the state support for research and development (R&D).

In this section subtitled “Dodging disasters,” KULÊ expounded on the adoption of NOAH by the UP Resilience Institute, citing that “[NOAH and RI] strive to bolster at-risk communities via multidisciplinary disaster risk reduction (DRR) approaches.”

Kasi ang [because] disaster risk is an unresolved problem of development. If you develop the municipalities, then you can make the country progress without being stopped or blocked by hazards, including climate change impacts,” said UP Resilience Institute Executive Director Dr. Mahar Lagmay.

“Working in this vein, UP RI brings together all available inputs not only from science and technology (S&T) but also such disciplines as the humanities, to craft bottom-up interventions for the more vulnerable populations that live under a constant state of precarity,” the writer added.

Grab a copy of the issue and turn to page 7 to read more about this article.

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