VSO volunteers for Project NOAH


Reposted from the VSO Bahaginan Facebook Page:

Part of VSO Bahaginan’s project is not just to send out international volunteers, but to receive valuable skills and talents as well. We are honored to have some skilled volunteers from Europe who will be helping the DOST Project NOAH and the DREAM (Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation) Program by providing their expertise. These volunteers will be providing valuable input on matters such as flood risk mapping, coordination between various agencies institutions during disaster, improving websites, data processing management and information network connections, among many others. We’re all looking forward to heightening public awareness on disaster risk reduction and management. These volunteers are expected to coach the key personnel and management staff of NOAH and DREAM to ensure the sustainability of these initiatives beyond their brief stay. From right to left: Dr. Majar Lagmay – the Executive Director of NOAH; Dr. Eric Paringit – Team Leader of DREAM; Arnoud Keizer – VSO Volunteer for Project Management; Marlyn Santiago – VSO Program Officer; DD Tanjuakio – Deputy Director, NOAH; Marilou Supit – DREAM Officer; Dr. Matt Horritt – VSO volunteer for Flood Risk Modelling; Back row (L-R): Efrath Silver – VSO volunteer for Institutional Development; Al Duncan – VSO volunteer for Flood Risk Modelling; Benjamin Koenig – VSO volunteer for IT (info tech). Welcome, at mabuhay kayong lahat!

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